We are going to take a tactical journey in an attempt to make some short lists of the most important game styles and what each style relies on to make themselves successful. We will also take the time to analyze how each style matches up against the others.


All-court players are able to hit big serves to precise targets. They're able to keep their opponent off balance by mixing up the speed, spin, and placement of their serves. They are looking to take control of the points and apply immediate pressure. This is all set up with efficient and effective serving. RODGER FEDERER and SERENA WILLIAMS are two great examples of all-court players with dominant serves.


  • Takes the longest time to develop as more skills are required to be truly effective in all areas of the court.
  • Has excellent continental grip skills (volley, half-volley, slice backhand, overhead, serve).
  • Efficient and effective mover. Likes to take ground and give ground with good diagonal movement.
  • Great court position which allows them to attack short balls effectively.
  • Mixes up pace. Speed, spin, height. No apparent weakness. Comfortable, confident, and competent in all parts of the court.
  • Great composure on the court which leads to good decision making and problem solving.
  • Out of the air skills: Swing volley from mid court, close on shorter volley, drive from mid court area.
  • Most adaptable player is able to adjust to different styles of opponents and different conditions.
  • Very effective at attacking second serves to gain control of the point.


  • Moves opponent around the court to expose their weakness.
  • Mixes up the speed, spins, heights, and depth on the ball.
  • Big inside-out FH, then take the ball out of the air to the open court (with slower players) and/or behind (faster players).
  • Short ship to BH side then hits a deep ball to the other side.
  • Drives the opponents deep and able to step inside the court and to disguise the FH drop shot.
  • Serves and volleys as a surprise tactic or when they are up in a game (looking to close out the game).
  • Serve plus FH patterns.

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